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This section comes from my heart. It is at once and ode to the art of everyday living, a praise of ordinariness,what caught my attention, food for thought, images of my observations from nature which is for me an inestimable teacher. It is also nourished  by ideas and ways of seeing, favored excerpts collected from my readings. This section is to share. I have no agenda other than sharing what resonate on the sinuous path of inner quest and transformation.


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  • Find your hook.
  • So you wrote an essay over mowing your garden.
  • So what? It might be well investigated and flawlessly formed, but so what? Attempt to answer that query.
  • Inquire yourself how your visitors will react to your essay.
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    You know that leaving today’s function on tomorrow is by no means a sensible act, as read numerous occasions in nursery rhymes and other elementary school publications. They are all little classes that we had learnt on our journey until now. It is acute to keep them permeated in coronary heart and soul to have a sparkling long term.

    What you see – 1 of the oldest schools of Hyderabad and now a landmark at Gunfoundry, All Saints’ Higher College marked the entry of missionary training in the land of the Nizams. The corridors of All Saints’ have created some of the very best in numerous fields – whether or not it is Azharuddin in cricket or Sitaram Yechury in politics.

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    Write a agreement or an arrangement. Who’s going to clean the ease and comfort space for this week? Using turns on basic errands will avoid roommate conflicts as you each comprehend where the other is coming from.

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